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Communication is a Science.

A science so vast there hasn't been a way to use it to improve communication. Until now.

Research from the sciences is rewriting the laws of human communication.

How do we make decisions?

What makes us respond positively to a message?

The sciences study these questions from every direction, but their wisdom lives in disconnected databases and spans decades. So no one benefits from their combined perspective.

Elizabeth Edwards and the Volume PR and Engagement Science Lab teams spent the last 22 years closing the gap between psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience research and real-world, high-stakes Scaled Communication,

Their discoveries are reshaping the world of communication.

Elizabeth Edwards

PR CEO, Engagement Scientist & Ethicist, Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Why Elizabeth? Watch Above.

Elizabeth Edwards is an internationally celebrated communication strategist, keynote speaker, and leader in the Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Communication movements.

The founder of Volume PR and Engagement Science Lab, Edwards trains and strategizes with leaders, enterprises, universities, NGOs, and governmental agencies to improve scaled communication outcomes with science-led language and engagement strategies anchored in responsible ethics.

Globally recognized as a visionary for her lifetime of professional communication accomplishments, Edwards makes the complex world of human motivation, behavioral science, neuroscience, and civil collaboration relatable, inspirational, and immediately applicable through her sold-out keynotes, corporate training series, and online courses.

Before founding Volume PR, Edwards was with Ogilvy PR and the aerospace division of the Boeing Company after graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in Organizational Communication.

“Visionary Top Woman in Communication,” PR Daily

“Outstanding Women in Business,” Denver Business Journal

“PR Professional of the Year,” PR Daily

“Exceptional Woman of Excellence,” International Women Economic Forum (WEF)

"Hands down, one of the greatest speakers I have ever heard. This training didn't just help my work, it changed my life."

— Conference Attendee

Resonant Communication

Tune Language for Maximum Resonance

The work of Edwards and her team led to the discovery of Resonant Communication, a map of how to tune language and engagement strategies to achieve maximum audience connection, understanding, and behavior change.

Think of it as a superpower to tune communication to hyper-connect.

Master codes for mind-aligned language.

New ethical standards to influence with maximum resonance and minimal harm.

Calibrating decades of proven behavioral and neurological discoveries into the sequences that manage sense-making and change.

7 Sequences of Sense-Making & Change

Experience a Keynote

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Keynote from Elizabeth Edwards to Public Relations professionals starting to explore how science is rewriting the rules of communication.

Listen to a Lecture

Pepperdine University: The Science of Communication & Civil Influence

Lecture to Pepperdine University Communication, Marketing, and Ethics students with a powerful behind-the-scenes look at current professional communication standards, how science can increase communication effectiveness, and how communication professionals can balance the ethical use of behavioral engagement.

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Mind Blown: The Shocking Science of Communication & Change

Scientific discoveries are rewiring our understanding of communication. How our minds interact with information and decide to change is no longer a mystery but a proven science. In the Science of Communication, discover how to tune your words and work to create maximum connection and conversion by aligning with the newly proven ways our minds make sense, make decisions, and lead us to change.

Transform your audience's understanding of communication in under an hour.

See how scientific discoveries are rewriting communication, marketing, and influence rules and what to do to stay ahead of the curve.

Learn 3 ways to tune communication to harmonize with sense-making at the deepest level.

Discover how backfire subconsciously sabotages communication strategies and messages.

Keynote. Workshop.

Southern Public Relations Federation, September 2023

The Future of Scaled Engagement

Behavioral engagement dynamics are rewriting the rules of ethical communication.

Which behavioral dynamics are wise to include because they increase meaning and connection?

Which behavioral dynamics should be avoided because they constitute unethical manipulation?

The line between effective communication and masterful manipulation has, to date, been an ethical gray area. Explore the new boundaries hyper-mind-aligned communication creates and how forward-thinking brands are setting new standards for maximum potency PR while working within the mapped territories that protect individual, brand, and social mental health.

Keynote. Workshop.

The Language of Collaboration: Unlocking Team & Market Success from Synergy

The future of business depends on scalable collaboration - teams, leaders and brands resonating insights that catalyze mutual understanding across all stakeholders. Yet most inherited communication paradigms exploit turmoil unconsciously, eroding trust. The consequences intensify across digital platforms. But breakthroughs across the social sciences now reveal advanced techniques to compose organizational coherence and spark innovation through unifying language.

This workshop reveals the quantum dynamics of communication and how to apply it for ultimate success. Master science-tested methods for tuning leadership messaging and team dynamics for maximum collaboration and collective resonance. Discover how leading brands are creating Ecological Economic models by aligning with science-led language that accelerates success by prioritizing autonomy and allyship. Equipped with this toolkit, communication professionals elevate their impact and pioneer new standards of collaborative communication.

Keynote. Workshop.

Quantum Influence: Shaping Worlds with Words

Language encodes reality. Yet often wielded blindly, our words manifest worlds unconscious of our true influence.

As science explores communication's quantum essence, insights across behavioral psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and physics unveil our shared communication operating codes and new dynamics for their ethical engagement.

Enjoy a fascinating journey that reveals the secret ways the mind makes sense and how to apply these keys to tune communication to accelerate connection. While also exploring the new ethical boundaries of hyper-influence.

From how to tune communication to be more memorable, to be more resonant in a crisis, or to motivate more audience participation, Quantum Influence offers a science-based approach to manage the most complex communication challenges with elegance and precision.

Keynote. Workshop. Training.

Resonant Communication + 7 Sequences of Sense-Making

Resonant Communication is a transdisciplinary classification of human behavior and cognition phenomena into a Codex of Communication Frequencies to facilitate informed and ethical communication creation.

Language fundamentally works through resonance to shape individual and collective consciousness. Words can be tuned to resonate relationship or coerce change. How can brand communicators achieve maximum ethical success?

Science offers the most sophisticated map in human history to align our language and engagement with our audience’s inner world. In Resonant Communication and the 7 Sequences of Sense Making, transform your team and businesses' impact on the world with a rewired understanding of communication and how to tune it to resonant connection, change, and success.

Workshop. Training.

Resonant Communication Workshop Sample; Southern Public Relations Federation, September 2023


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Our work has a singular focus: to help teams with complex, high-stakes communication succeed and thrive. We want to set people – and their ideas and messages – free from forces that create confusion and backfire so we can work together to create the world we want.


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